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SC-100 Switch Circuit Controller

SC-100 is an evolutionary leap forward in switch circuit controller design. It offers exceptional reliability and value for main-line, yard, PTC, and dark territory applications.

Built on the proven technology of the M23 point detector rod and other components familiar to signal personnel makes the SC-100 reliable, simple to install and cost efficient to maintain. By leveraging this technology in combination with a rail mount kit, the SC-100 greatly reduces errors caused by contacts opening or closing due to switch point pumping.

The SC100 is equipped with sealed and IP68 rated contacts that are immune to moisture and frost related problems that plague conventional circuit controller products.

Beware of imitators.  Any good track engineer will confirm that the key to strength and preventing rail failures is close and proper tie spacing.  SC100 allows you to maintain proper spacing and avoid the issue of this competitive product.

SC100 contacts are IP68 rated and immune to moisture and frost related problems that plague conventional circuit controllers.

Contacts Type:
4 dependent normally open/normally closed contacts
Two for normal switch position and two for reverse
Hard Silver, self cleaning
Contact Rating:
Temperature Range:
-50 to 85C, IP67 Rated Contacts
Point Opening:
3 to 6 inches
Centering Device:
Centering devicce for broken rod protection is spring loaded and constructed of non-corrosive bronze
Product Benefits SC100 7J/K & U5 7R 865 Rail Mount
- Resists Contact Pumping
- Rail Mounted
- Durable Contacts 10 A 10 A 0.1 A 10 A
- Fits in Tie Space
- Meets AREMA
- No. of Components 30 64 48 64
- No Tie Drilling/Moving
- Can Tamp Through
- Tolerates Point Run
- Minimal Lost Motion 04 12 04 04
- Installation Time (min) 30 60-240 30 240
Cost $2,100 $2,500 $2,300 $3.000

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