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About Rail Development Group

Rail Development Group (RDG) was founded in 1999. Our business is supplying the rail and transit industry with new and remanufactured signal equipment of all kinds.

We specialize in remanufacturing power operated switch machines, switch circuit controllers, electric locks, vital relays, and a lot of other equipment that is critical to keeping your rail operating and running safely and smoothly.

We combined our engineering excellence and 200 plus years of railway signaling equipment experience to develop new and innovative replacement equipment for the rail industry – check out our new products section to learn more.

RDG’s objective is to become the industry leader in the signaling train control market for electro-mechanical products and services.

Our promise is simple… To provide the highest quality product and services at an exceptional value.

“When we formed RDG, we embraced the goal of establishing ourselves as the architects of the highest quality products and services that the industry has to offer.
We knew that to accomplish this would require something more than the status quo of equipment repair services. It would require engineering excellence and the pursuit of perfection.
Our chosen approach consists of completely remanufacturing each product using state of the art materials and processes. We do not simply remanufacture, we reengineer. We have the advantage of knowing what parts fail and why, so we design our products to be better than new.
Our dedication to safety and quality, our extensive engineering expertise and our rigorous design process, has enabled us to deliver the best possible products and services.
Let us show you how you can keep your system maintenance costs down and your performance up.”

— David Donatello, President

Learn why RDG remanufactured machines are different ...

RDG Remanufactured

  • Systematic disassembly, renewal and assembly following an engineered process
  • Rigorous attention to replacing parts with new
  • Restore the product to like new condition
  • Design in improvements
  • Thorough testing
  • Exacting QC standards
  • Re-start the life

"THEM", Refurbished

  • Fix what is broken or unserviceable
  • Attempt repairs without knowledge of the function or critical nature of the equipment
  • No consistency with how the work is done
  • Is it safe?
Rigorous Attention to Replacing Parts

Product Restored to Like New Condition, Inside and Out Remanufactured equipment looks and more importantly performs like new – tremendous effort beneath the surface in replacing worn components.

Product Restored to Like New Condition

Rigorous Attention to Replacing Parts with New Hardware, bearings, bushings, wire harness, wear plates, guide rollers, circuit controller contacts, clutch discs, motors, gears, and much more.

Renewable Resource

This is a Renewable Resource. What begins as non-functioning machine is completely disassembled.

converted gear trains

Have it Your Way … If desired; gear trains can be converted from one ratio to another or from M23A to M23B, Model 5G to 5H, Voltage conversions, etc.

Better Than New Restorations and Remanufactured Machines

Better Than New … RDG continually seeks out opportunities to make machines perform better than new with innovative improvements like our M23 motor.

Each machine is tested under load in power and hand

Thorough 100% Testing… Each machine is tested under load in power and hand. The circuit controller is functionally tested to insure each machine will perform as expected in service. Guaranteed to work every time and for a long time.

Unique Approach to Remanufactured Machines

Engineered, Thorough, Systematic, and Unique Approach. Our staff of engineers ensures that every RDG product undergoes a thorough analysis and that a comprehensive work process is developed for each product.

CNC milling and turning capabilities

Better Than New … CNC milling and turning capabilities allow us to properly remanufacture components – Lock rods and throw bars are better than new when properly remanufactured.

Frame-Off Restoration

Like a Frame-Off Restoration… All wear parts are discarded. Large castings are inspected, renewed, sand-blasted and painted. The machine is then re-assembled following RDG’s detailed process.

Frame-Off Restoration

Abundant Use of New Parts… Bearings, bushings, hardware, wire harness, guide rollers, wear plates, wear pins, heaters, gears, covers, guards, etc. All RDG work meets AREMA recommended practices.

Exacting QC Standards

Exacting QC Standards… RDGs Quality tracking system insures that all modules, machines, and products are 100% right – 100% of the time. ISO 9000 compliant quality management system keeps quality on track.

Standard 7 Year Warranty

Standard 7 Year Warranty… RDG’s innovative process for remanufacturing signal equipment re-starts the life cycle of the product – It doesn’t merely extend it. RDG’s 7 year warranty is a testament to our confidence in the product and our commitment to the industry.

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RDG specializes in remanufacturing power operated switch machines, switch circuit controllers, electric locks, vital relays, and a lot of other equipment that is critical to keeping your rail operating and running safely and smoothly.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you in remanufacutirng or developing new and innovative replacement equipment for the rail industry.

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