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RXFN16 – FN16 Relay Replacement


The RX FN flasher assembly allows you to quickly and easily change out your old worn and obsolete FN-16 or FN-16A relays without any design or wiring changes.

By leveraging current and proven B1/ST1  relay technology the RX FN flasher assembly eliminates the cost and long lead time to repair or replace outdated shelf style relays.

The unit can be shelf mounted or wall mounted.  Additionally, the base can be removed for additional clearance when mounting in smaller cases.

Units can be purchased with or without a B1 flasher relay and are wired terminal for terminal into your existing circuit; exactly the same as an FN-16 or FN-16A relay.

“The RXFN was a great way for us to rid our railroad of this problematic shelf relay. FN16s are unreliable, expensive to service and repair, and prone to activation failures. The RXFN is none of those things. It is proven, reliable, familiar, and intuitive to use.”

— Manager of Signals, Major US Railroad

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