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R23 Switch Machine

The R23 switch machine is our rendition of the industry-standard M23.  It is a form, fit, and function replacement for the M23 switch machine – Every part interchanges.

It is rugged and reliable.  It can be configured with all of the same options as the M23 –  dual control, several different gear ratios, 110 or 20-volt operating voltages, 3 and 5 wire control, and it can be configured with either an “A” or “B” style hand-throw pinion gears.  It also features an improved loop style hand throw for safety and an improved permanent magnet motor design for reliability.

Why consider the R23?  It’s backed by a 7-year warranty and packed full of all the benefits our customers have come to appreciate from RDG – great service and support.

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RDG specializes in remanufacturing power operated switch machines, switch circuit controllers, electric locks, vital relays, and a lot of other equipment that is critical to keeping your rail operating and running safely and smoothly.

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