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Remanufactured Products

At RDG, we don’t simply repair or give your product a cosmetic overhaul. We completely remanufacture it. It is reconstructed, re-engineered, and restored to the condition it was in when it was brand new.

Whether a switch machine, relay, circuit controller, electric lock, or anything else, our goal is to restore the product to like new condition. We back it up with one of the best warranties in the business.

re·man·u·fac·ture – v:

The act of taking an inoperable product, completely overhauling it with new components and ultimately turning out a piece of machinery that performs like new.

re·en·gi·neer – v:

The act of integrating 200 plus years of railway signal engineering experience into the remanufacturing process. Improving and enhancing performance of the product to a better than new state.

re·pair – v:

The act of recalibrating the inner components of a machine until it regains function.

Not all repair shops will remanufacture your machine. Frequently, once broken parts have been repaired, the unit is cleaned up, greased, painted and then returned to the customer without it ever having been tested under load. This approach will often result in marginal performance, problematic and unnecessary adjustments and even intermittent failures that are tough to diagnose.

Switch Machines

Remanufacturing electric switch machines is our thing.  It’s our passion.  We have over 30 years of experience with switch machines and have been remanufacturing them for over 20!

Electric Locks & Switch Circuit Controllers

RDG can remanufacture your electric locks and 7J, 7K, or U-5 switch circuit controllers to “like new” condition.


The train control relays that are in service throughout the world are nearly countless.  RDG can be your source for nearly all of these relays.

Learn why RDG remanufactured machines are different …

RDG Remanufactured

  • Systematic disassembly, renewal and assembly following an engineered process
  • Rigorous attention to replacing parts with new
  • Restore the product to like new condition
  • Design in improvements
  • Thorough testing
  • Exacting QC standards
  • Re-start the life

“THEM”, refurbished

  • Fix what is broken or unserviceable
  • Attempt repairs without knowledge of the function or critical nature of the equipment
  • No consistency with how the work is done
  • Is it safe?
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